CELLUCOR C4 Extreme -Icy Blue Razz-30 serving

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  • Beta Alanine 1500mg
  • Creatine Nitrate 1000mg
  • Arginine 1000mg
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Product Overview

CELLUCOR C4 Extreme Pre-Workout With NO3 30

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Pre Workout


Muscle Pump and Stamina

Good For

Highly Explosive Energy

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Cellucor Nutrition


195 gm


Icy Blue Razz

Carbs in Gms / serve


CELLUCOR C4 Extreme Pre-Workout With NO3 30 I need energy. My workouts are good, sure, but sometimes I’m tired; sometimes the fear of a mediocre workout keeps me on the couch – “I’ll just go extra hard tomorrow,” I say. Do they make something for this? I don’t necessarily need anything to help me put on size and I’m not looking for a thermogenic or an expensive nitric oxide. I visit bodybuilding.com’s store and see all of the usual suspects, but then stumble upon something new they are promoting… The product title reads Cellucor C4 Extreme. The label is different than anything I’ve ever seen before. The bottle isn’t covered with a lengthy and hard to read propriety blend – this company is telling me straight up what I’m taking! I’m sold – it is definitely worth a try. I go with the fruit punch flavor and virtually sprint through the checkout process. After one short day I receive my C4 in the mail and its game time. Yes I’ve had a long day at work and I’m tired, but the excitement of a new supplement to try out has taken over. This formula is unlike anything I’ve seen before I change and grab my lucky shaker cup – it’s go time. I pop open my C4 and instantly am hooked on the smell; damn the fruit punch smells good. I know it’s my first time trying C4 Extreme but I’m eager. The package suggests 1 scoop for first timers, but I’m no supplement rookie. I go with 1.5 scoops and am shocked how easily it mixes – I hardly had to stir! Like a pro, I pound the whole thing in under 10 seconds. Smooth – the fruit punch is delicious, and I’m not even a picky taste guy (a supplement that works is more important than one that tastes good, but C4 Extreme brings me back to my Capri Sun grade school days)! I like. I slip on my shoes and start stacking my playlist and begin noticing some slight tingles. I lick my lips as they begin to feel a little chapped – no they’re not dry, it’s the Beta Alanine, that’s the C4, and it’s time to go!” As I walk to the gym, a warming sensation radiates through my body. C4 Extreme is no joke. I find myself jumping up and down to my iPod, excited for this workout – the hair on my neck and arms is standing up. I am ready to crush. Today is chest day. I’m giggling as I warm up – the bar feels like a toy and I’m scared I’m going to throw it through the ceiling. I’ve never felt so confident, so strong; I’ve never been so focused. My workout partner thinks I’m mad at him because I’m quiet. I don’t speak I just signal for another plate. I’m not angry; I’m just more dialed in than ever before. I don’t want to hear about his day right now, I just want to lift. Did I say I was tired today? I don’t even remember. I lie on the bench and visualize the set I’m about to do. Boom! I explode through the first rep and fight a smile. I see my spotter grin with surprise – he didn’t even have to touch the bar. I feel in absolute control of every muscle, I can feel my heart beat in slow motion. This mentality lasts the entire workout. Adrenaline is rushing through me. Sweat is pouring down my forehead and the gray shirt I walked into the gym wearing is now black. I don’t care. I can keep going. Should we add another muscle group? Should we hit triceps too? Abs maybe? Now everything I know about good workouts is telling me it’s time to stop and get some protein. Rest IS important you know. My training partner is tired and begging to know where this unbelievable energy and endurance is coming from. We exchange awkward glances as we look at this clock; has it really been two hours?! I talk him into a brutal burn out set. I cruise through a super set of leg raises and dumbbell flies both on a decline bench. I stand up and feel invincible. I’m more vascular than a magazine ad, more pumped than I’ve ever seen. My workout partner waves his gym towel in the air and begs for an end to this brutal session.

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