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BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition)

Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (BSN) was established in 2001 and since then has turn into a global pioneer in the sports nutrition through persistent commitment in creating cutting-edge, dynamic and result-producing health products. If you are an Athlete or body builder, you will surely search for a supplement that will speed up your muscle development in no time. With BSN supplements your dream can come true as these supplements stand out among the rest in terms of efficiency. The benefits of BSN products are incalculable.

Awesome facts about BSN Supplements:

  1. BSN is a brand name that produces products prominent for their natural and healthy ingredients which is the uniqueness of BSN supplements.

  2. You can consume these supplements with the assurance that everything natural is going in to your carcass and so you are safe from any side-effects.

  3. BSN supplements are still under study and researchers are always affianced in inventing something new to perk up the quality of BSN products.

BSN products have these features:

  1. BSN supplements are cholesterol and fat-free which ensures a great help for people looking for not putting up weight.

  2. BSN supplements contain no sugar and so is safe for diabetic people but after recommending from your doctor.

  3. BSN supplements are highly rich in essential minerals and vitamins so the results are as desired.

Benefits from BSN Supplements:

  1. BSN products speed up the repairing process of muscle tissues worn out from exhausting work-out sessions.

  2. These products supply sufficient Thiamine to the body of those who have undergone weight loss surgery. These supplements also prevent upcoming complications.

  3. BSN products boost athletic performance by increasing the stamina and immunity power of an athlete.

  4. BSN products can also meet the added nutritional requirements of those fussy and choosy toddlers.

Some Popular products of BSN:

  1. BSN True Mass:- BSN-True mass is for those who want magnificent muscle gain. It is customized exclusively for people looking for extra caloric support which is extremely necessary to capitalize on lean muscle mass gain.

  2. Hyper Fx:- Hyper Fx is the all-new, energy-based pre-workout miracle for people involved in heavy workout sessions. The ingredients in this supplement are intended to support training Intensity Focus and Mental Alertness.

  3. BSN Cell Mass:- BSN Cell Mass is invented for efficient upturn after an intense workout, for bringing suspension to muscular exhaustion and for supporting muscle potency.


BSN is devoted as always to the core principles and grassroots ethics that made the brand stand out from the bunch in the first place. The majority of BSN products are multifunctional enough that they propose applications for a numerous of lifestyles and consumer types. BSN supplements bring top-of-the-line dietary supplementation and beverages to a mass audience so you will never experience any nutritional deficiency.

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